Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lexx - "Palm Shades" video, plus "Bamboo Shoot"

Baltimore's Semya also has a project under the moniker Lexx, an outlet to relinquish beats of the crunked-out Ninja Turtles pizza-shooter variety. Lexx just tossed out another batch of jams, including one of his new favorites, "Bamboo Shoot".

This one's a slow-burner that lights up easy, with rhythms and zones that that hit you just as slick. The rest of the new ones feature all kinds of sounds - wonky rolling beats that are tweaked and twirled like the final obstacle course from Double Dare. They all pretty much make you want to get drunk and play Nintendo on the dance floor.

Lexx also just passed along a dreamy new video for "Palm Shades".

Both of these tracks can be found on BEATS VOL. 1, which can be downloaded right here from Lexx for free. Lexx also made about 12 cassettes, and would be happy to mail one along with a booklet of original artwork for six dollars if you email him here.

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