Thursday, September 16, 2010

Microkingdom - Microkingdom's Threatened Youths

Microkingdom play two shows this weekend - tomorrow at the Hexagon with Witch Hat Height with Friends, and Nuclear Power Pants, and again on Saturday in Philadelphia at The Ox with Height, Sri Aurobindo, and Soft Cat for a Friends Records showcase.

It's no question that Microkingdom are Baltimore's premiere spazz-jazzers and noise benders, as Marc Miller's guitar wizardry combined with Dr. Will Redman's percussion have become a staple around town. These dudes are on the heels of releasing their first proper full length, and to celebrate Friends Records is releasing a live cassette.

<a href="">Microkingdom - Abundant Life Towers II by Friends Records</a>

Microkingdom's Threatened Youths is Ben Bass's recording of a live show that went down at the Penthouse Gallery on February 27, 2010. Microkingdom's lineup that evening consisted of Marc, Will, and John Dierker on reeds. Above is the first song played that night, "Abundant Life Towers II".

As Chris Day's artwork suggests, the entire set was inspired by Dischord-era DC hardcore riffs that Marc furiously and relentlessly played the whole set. The result was one of the most vicious Microkindom sets to date, and an ode to a neighboring scene of the past.

Order the tape right here, or grab it at one of their shows starting this weekend.

Microkingdom’s Threatened Youths
Friends Records 2010
1. Abundant Life Towers II
2. In the News there’s a lot of information
3. In the News there’s a lot of information in the information
4. Dave Musustaine
5. Astronaut Tusk
6. Squeal Fight
7. Stepping Stone

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JohnnyRiggs said...

Did we listen to some of this in the car? I can't remember. I was sleepy. Love them. Love you. Mean it.