Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lonnie Walker - "Love Turn"

art by Natasha Tylea

Last week we shared the details on the Future Islands half of their split with Lonnie Walker, today we've got the B-side ready for your ears. Check out "Love Turn".

"Love Turn" is a whiskey-soaked ballad full of the free-range Americana the group has made a name for. While residing down in North Carolina, Lonnie Walker have played a heap of shows up here in Baltimore over the last few years. Much like their longtime Raleigh friends on the other side of this disc, their live performances make you bob up and down while your emotions are pulled in every which direction (but mostly just down). These dudes craft southern gems that are laced with infectiously jaded melodies, and tangled with nostalgically blunt lyrics.

Look for "Love Turn" and "The Ink Well" to pop up on the radio this Fall, and the peach-colored vinyl seven inch is available now for pre-order right here from Friends Records. The two bands will also tour together in November, details coming soon.

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/track/lonnie-walker-love-turn">Lonnie Walker - Love Turn by Friends Records</a>

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