Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventure - "Rio"

There are currently two new Baltimore records that keep finding their way to my speakers - both of which evoke a similar nostalgic feeling. The White Life debut hits turntables this week, but Adventure's second LP Lesser Known is out now on Carpark.

Break out your favorite 80s movie soundtrack, or better yet, just throw on Lesser Known. As "Rio" indicates though, there's more than just an 80s throwback vibe going on. This is very much a pop record from 2011, but one that pays a welcome homage to it's keyboard-based predecessors. When it comes down to it, "Rio" is a sprawling synth pop anthem, ideal for the warm sunshine that Baltimore is currently basking in.

I've been able to catch Benny Boeldt's new band live twice recently, and both shows confirmed my affection for these new sounds. Benny is now joined by Mark Brown and Dave Fell, and these three dudes bring the nostalgia felt from Lesser Known to life.

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Brian said...

lovin this record