Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oxes - "Orange Jeweleryist"

One of Baltimore's most infamous and mischievous rock bands is back in action, as Oxes are slated to drop two new 12" singles on an Italian imprint next month.

Above is the radio edit of "Orange Jeweleryist", the second of the two songs that are scheduled to drop May 2 on Africantape. This was recorded last summer when the band got together for the first time in years to play a few shows that included Whartscape. Two brand new songs came out of the new recordings, including this one and another new song titled "Crunchy Zest", which we featured a live video for last summer.

As for the music... ladies and gentlemen, Oxes are fucking back. "Orange Jeweleryist" is a heavy stomper that's even got a bit of southern rock twang which hits fiercer than Ray Lewis in his prime. It seems to be a bit more controlled and calculated than work in the past, but still packs that primitive punch the trio became known for.

Other details are pretty scarce at the moment, but check back soon for more on Oxes.

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