Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lower Dens - "Deer Knives"

Record Store Day is this weekend, and this year it comes bearing new Lower Dens via a brand new single and 7" titled "Deer Knives". Hear the new recording below.

While the new song is welcome news, the bigger news here is that the new song comes compliments of Sub Pop. While there is no official word that the band has been signed to this indie label behemoth, one can likely assume something is brewing as their new single is being released by the label as a 7" and it is being included on their Record Store Day compilation. Another Baltimore dream-pop band to be signed to Sub Pop?

As for the music, Lower Dens does it again with another atmospheric burst of pop bliss plucked from their live set and put to the test in the studio. The result is a winner of course, as "Deer Knives" rambles on just as good as anything off of Twin-Hand Movement, if not better. Clearly there is plenty left to come from Lower Dens.

Get the "Deer Knives" 7" single or the Sub Pop compilation on Record Store Day.

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