Friday, May 13, 2011

Daytime's Serendipity

Friends Records continues its takeover of the Windup Space tomorrow with Run DMT, Microkingdom, Beyond Say, and Daytime. RSVP here, and to tonight's show here.

Sometimes when Daytime performs live, a large inflatable balloon is set up to encompass the crowd. This environment emulates how Daytime's recordings can make you feel.

Daytime's sound has always been deeply inverted, yet is still inflated with enough space to take you deep into the stratosphere. His newest release, Serendpity, is out soon.

Streaming above is "Blindspot", which makes up Side A of the forthcoming tape. Neal Reinalda describes this release as "Disney-Nirvana covered in syrup", perhaps an apt perspective to the new sculptured sounds. While it's most certainly ambient music, the presence felt appears to come from great distance - an intangible cosmic whirlwind that's impossible to ignore. There is something very commanding about Daytime, as Serendipity's ambiance remains inadvertently universal yet demandingly distant.

Daytime performs tomorrow at the Windup Space, pre-order the new tape here.

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Anonymous said...

is this show all ages?