Monday, March 9, 2009

Danny Greenwald's If You Cry Wolf

A welcome addition to Baltimore's extensive gazey scene, Danny Greenwald is formally introducing himself to the world today. In a less expansive introduction, I first mentioned Danny a few weeks ago when he appeared on a free compilation of traditional covers. Among the likes of Wye Oak, members of Arbouretum, Deer Tick, Phosphorecent and Caleb Stine, he was a more than hopeful addition to the mix.

Danny Greenwald is releasing his freshly pressed EP today, with an album release party on College Park's WMUC to be broadcast tonight. Credit the local folk-gaze enthusiast for the EP's wide array of instrumentation. But much appreciation is also due to Wax and Wane's Ari Schenck, the engineer behind the EP's brilliant mixing and mastering.

Having previewed the album over the weekend, If You Cry Wolf provided me with a plethora of comfortable sounds and thoughts far too familiar to most of us. It is an inspiringly overcast affair that your ears will most certainly thank you for. The album implicates much to come from Danny, with some local shows already in the works.

I highly recommend tuning into WMUC's Teenage Riot at 8 pm this evening, as it can be streamed live right here. Below are 2 exclusive sample's off the EP, "For the Both of Us" and the introspective "Reigns on 95". Enjoy, and tune in tonight.

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