Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos: Wavves, Vampire Hands, Blood Baby

Photos by Chrissy

Last night's show at the Zodiac was aurally solid, and quite fun. Wavves displayed his west coast no-fidelity surf pop with pure enthusiasm that made it impossible to stand still. Nathan Williams proved he deserved the ridiculous amount of hype he's gotten as of late, and his catchy as hell tunes translated even more infectiously live.

Vampire Hands were an extremely pleasant surprise, and made me wonder why I've never checked them out. They rocked moveable psych-infused tracks that left you feeling giddy and nostalgic, and I myself hope to be getting my non-vampire hands on some of their records ASAP.

Gawk at Chrissy's photos above, and definitely check either band out next time around.

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