Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo Review: Arbouretum, James Blackshaw, Meg Baird

Arbouretum's CD release party for their phenomenal Song of the Pearl was last night at the Talking Head. Incredible shots were captured, and are yours for the viewing above.

Opener James Blackshaw displayed his inner and outer acoustical genius, plucking his way through the kind of set that makes you wonder if it is even possible for someone to be that amazing at guitar. His songs were well-structured, and certainly left folks wanting more from the British virtuoso.

However the night belonged to Arbouretum, as the crowd grew once the headliners took stage. Their new LP sounds larger than life, but seeing the band live is huge on a whole other level. Dave Heumann's voice is godlike, while Corey and Steve's guitars create sounds that would seem more at place on the peak of a mountain. Daniel Franz is a ridiculous drummer, and his beats bridge the gap between all the talent onstage.

If you missed last night's incredible show, your next chance might be when Arbouretum hit the road with Band of Horses. The tour makes stops in Virginia at the Norva on June 10th and in Baltimore at Rams Head on June 12th. Tickets may be selling fast too.

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