Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. Stomping Baltimore in May

One of the most influential alternative rock bands of our time, Dinosaur Jr., will be gracing the Ottobar with its presence on May 2nd. To say that this is a show that most will be amped about doesn't do justice to the anticipation currently building.

Recently signing to Jagjaguwar, Dinosaur Jr. are recording a new album that will be out on June 23rd. Farm will be their second album after their revival, as the band's last recording before 2007's Beyond was their 1988 LP titled Bug.

Most concur that the epic trio has picked up where they left off in the late 80's, and their upcoming release titled Farm should hopefully follow suit. The band will be giving away a free 7 inch each night of the upcoming tour. This limited freebie features a live cut from the new LP, and "Tarpit" off of their classic You're Living All Over Me.

Expect detailed coverage of the gig here in May, but I wouldn't dilly dally too long on grabbing tickets for this one. Check here for some live studio footage of the band.

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