Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live MP3s: Dope Body at the Ottobar 9/25/09

Above is the first set of last night's local stampede at the Ottobar, free to download courtesy of the Baltimore Taper. Dope Body provided thrash wave comradery for the Friday crowd, and if you missed out or would like to reminisce, please indulge above.

Jeff has been kind enough to let me exclusively release the entirety of last night's show via MP3 or FLAC files, which includes what has to be one of the most epic Ponytail sets I have ever witnessed. Check back here for the audio and photography (compliments of Valerie) from Crazy Dreams Band, DJ Dogdick, and Ponytail sometime tomorrow.

Source: Peluso CEMC6/ck4(card)>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>FLAC
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (
Sound: Adam Cooke

Link to MP3 Files
Link to FLAC Files

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