Monday, September 21, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: Ponytail / CDB / Dope Body / DJ Dogdick

The Ottobar's got a hell of a show slated for Friday night, with epic spazz rockers Ponytail fronting the bill. For a local gig, this one is ridiculously anticipated as it has been re-scheduled twice.

Besides the headlining face-melters, 3 more Baltimore forces will aim to grind your brain.

Lexi Mountain's alternative endeavor, Crazy Dreams Band will be providing avant rock sludgery. If you never grabbed their excellent self titled LP last year, do so. DJ Dog Dick's neo-crunked electronics will also induce some fun noise for the evening.

Dope Body will be on the offensive as well, bringing their brand of thrash wave rock into the mix. Their tape Twenty Pound Brick looks to be sold out online, but you can download it for free right here via Watercolor. Chances are if you've downloaded this, and have at least half a clue about how amazing Ponytail is live, you'll be there on Friday.

Compliments of the Baltimore Taper, who is throwing a real nice show Saturday night, I'll have the exclusive full recordings of the live sets right here to download. If you want to have a chance at going for free, transmit an electronic mailing to Check your email as I'll pick a winner this Thursday night, for two spots on the list Friday.

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