Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sri Aurobindo: Return into Earth

We're all suckers for a new take on something nostalgic, and Sri Aurobindo have taken full advantage. A very promising local act, these guys are full of garaged-out psych.

Sri Aurobindo put on a hell of a live show, and their latest release aims to capture just that. Return into Earth is just one single track, but that track is a true journey clocking in at over 30 minutes. The album bottles up the band's knack for improv, presenting it in a more tangible form that can be yours Saturday night at the Metro Gallery.

Aimless meandering? Nope. Return into Earth builds like a dream. Those who dug their flute intro on "Paper Flower Sequence", rejoice. The first seven minutes are laced with flute and bells as guitars and drums begin to creep in throughout. Tribal drums and completely psyched out guitar work all drone until the volume jacks up.

If you haven't seen their show, dudes get nice and loud. Around the 15 minute mark, mild outbursts ensue. The entire track leads to what you would expect to be deafening live, and warrants listening through the loudest means you got. Drums pick up and so does everything else for the final half.

This improv has structure, closely resembling an intense interplanetary orbit. The aptly titled release has me amped for their next show.

Sri Aurobindo are playing at the Metro Gallery this Saturday night with The Violet Hour, a duo's whose beautiful debut I mentioned last week. This is a joint release party for both groups. Show is at 8 PM and tickets will run ya eight beans, see you there.


Brett said...

One thing I forgot to mention...

We're all aware of the iTunes effect and how far too often more focus is on individual tracks. It's good to see an album that forces you to experience a work in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

I took your advice and listened The Violet Hour. Now I'm seriously thinking about changing my plans and checking out this show tomorrow. Thanks for the head's up!