Friday, September 4, 2009

Ringo Deathstarr: Re-release from Fan Death Records

Austin-based Ringo Deathstarr have been collecting mild amounts of buzz over the past few years. Fan Death Records, a super great local label, just re-released their debut EP.

Coming at you via hot pink vinyl and the always handy download card, this EP originally debuted back in 2007 on SVC Records. With 5 tracks of reverbed My Bloody Valentine meets Jesus and Mary Chain awesomeness, it's easy to tell why this one was deserving of another release.

The record is completely reminiscent of some of the noisier pop music of the early 90s, but something fresh and new all the same. The tracks all sport shoegaze fuzz with a whole lot of stoned out vocals layered behind walls of catchy melodies. The EP is not at all a grower, and if this is your thing you'll surely be in love right off the bat.

Even with all the fuzz, this one sounds almost as clean as this tackle. With tracks like "Starrsha" and "Sweet Girl", the kicker is precision guided songwriting that is focused and unscaffed. Paired with spacey melodies and all the right layers, you'll be spinning this one on the reg.

Order this limited pressing now for only $10 while ya can. Fan Death also has a few other great releases out, including tapes from Locrian and The New Flesh. Both of which played a show at the Talking Head a few months back. Similarly, you can catch Ringo Deathstarr open up for Wooden Shjips at the Talking Head on October 24th.

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