Monday, October 12, 2009

Harlem: Free Drugs :-)

Austin by way of Tuscon garage rockers Harlem dropped an LP last year called Free Drugs. They'll be in Baltimore on Wednesday, with the local jangled pop of the Sugarplums and Philly's excellent psych scuzzed Junkers.

If you're a fan of a rowdy garage pop sing-alongs, these guys should certainly be in your repertoire. Free Drugs is packed with loads of fuzzy melodies and dirty riffs, and at times is a clear ode to some of the finer garage psych of the 60s.

"Red Herring" hits you at the end of side B with tighly coiled perfection, yet is rough on all the right edges. They most certainly haven't re-written the genre by any means, but their knack for clever chords and unfuckwithable melodies proves worthy. I dare you not to get "South of France" stuck in your head for the day.

These guys craft songs soaked in honesty, the way in which writing songs about drugs and girls probably should be. While the lyrics might be far from inspiring, there's always something to be said about a song called "Psychedelic Tits".

Harlem, with Junkers and Sugarplums, play the Golden West this Wednesday night, October 11. The show starts at 10 PM, and you can stream some choice cuts from Harlem's album below. Sign into Imeem for the full versions.

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