Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live MP3s / Photos: Videohippos at Load of Fun

Video Hippos

Last Thursday night, Load of Fun featured one of the better shows I've seen this year. Videohippos opened up the affair, the perfect jump start to any evening. You can see above that the usual visuals were blasting in the background, however Thursday they lit up the giant ice cave that the stage was turned into. You know when I start bringing up stages transformed into ice caves, that this one was a must see.

Luckily for those that didn't make it, you're just a click away from peeping Valerie's photo set and downloading the audio compliments of David Carter.

The projections were most certainly not the only highlight of this Videohippos set. The band performed as a new found four piece, with Benny Boeldt aka Adventure (who's birthday it happened to be) contributing his electronic wizardry and Jared Paolini on bass. The addition of these two talented musicians shined through in the spaced out electro pop jams, that frequently make it impossible to stand still to.

These guys made their sound far more organic, and beefed up the complexity and layering of their tracks. They all seemed pretty tight for their first show together as the new lineup, a sign of only moving upward as they get more reps with one another. Look for nothing but good things to come from these guys.

With much thanks to new local taper enthusiast David Carter, the full set is available sans one track due to battery issues. It sounds pretty great, and makes a good soundtrack to checking out the photo set Valerie put together below it. Have at 'em:


Lineage: AGK 414s > Zoom h4n 48/24 > Cubase 5 > flac/mp3

1. The Fourth (missing from audio download)
2. Shadow Pups (Track 01 on download)
3. Sea Skulls (Track 02 on download)
4. Say It's Now (Track 03 on download)
5. Rifle Range (Track 04 in download)
6. Down Your Spine (Track 05 on download)

Photos by Valerie

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