Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photos: Future Islands / Lonnie Walker / Small Sur

Zodiac had a nice one last Thursday, with the very busy Future Islands headlining the affair. Some fellow Carolina boys dubbed Lonnie Walker performed, along with local talents Small Sur and Jared Paolini.

Chrissy captured the last three acts below, in what was an incredibly solid show. Bob Keal's Small Sur was yet again comfort music at it's best, painting tales of nature ideal for an early fall night. Andy Abelow's accompanying sax shined through quite a bit, and the new tracks played were certainly promising.

Having never heard these guys before, Lonnie Walker were a more than welcome surprise to the evening. They rocked country drenched Americana with a heavy guitar presence.

Aural States dug them too, and I couldn't help but notice the heavy Pavement influence in some of the songwriting and vocals. But, I guess not too many artists aren't influenced by Pavement these days. Look for more good stuff to come from these guys.

Another Future Islands show, and another hell of a good time. These guys continue to grow tighter as a three piece, and continue to be one of the more fun local bands to catch live. It's impossible to stand still as they pair their ridiculously catchy synth beats with Sam's totally theatrical vocals. Disco ball and all, this was just another stellar performance under their belt.

Look for a ton to come from Future Islands in the near future, some of which we're hoping to premiere right here. Dudes are working on a remix project, a split release with Lonnie Walker, and are right in the middle of churning out their next full length.

Photos by Chrissy

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