Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live MP3s / Photos: Andy Abelow at Soft Fest

Andy Abelow

More live sets and photos from Soft Fest, as the multi-faceted Abelow showed off Sunday night with Sianna Plavin. The set featured some of the area's finest folk pop ditties, songs accented with choice Americana and careful detail.

You can take a gander for yourself, and peep some video from the set after the click.

Andy Abelow has a show November 12 at the Zodiac with Lizz King and Golden Ghost. Until then, take a listen to his set as Soft Fest.

Andy Abelow (with Sianna Plavin)
Taped by David Carter
Lineage: AGK 414s > Zoom h4n 48/24 > Cubase 5 > flac/mp3
Soft Fest 10/25/09
Baltimore, Maryland


Ease On Out Now
Old Willow Blues
Playin' the Fool
Soft Song of the Sun
The Birds (a Sianna Plavin song)
Sky of Blue

Photos by Valerie

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