Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wigflip Records: Debut / Happy Family + Run DMT Release

Enter Wigflip Records, Baltimore's newest label. Will of Happy Family is largely responsible, deciding that he much rather start a music label than paint for his thesis at MICA.

Wigflip will house a heavy load of new and enchanting artists, ranging from the likes of Happy Family, Run DMT, Semya, Do While, Lands and Peoples, and plenty more. These releases look to be mostly of the digital variety, and also mostly free.

Download Run DMT + Happy Family's new AMANDA HUGGANKISS, and get more details on this release and a handful of others below.

Happy Family
Will from Wigflip is particularly excited about two albums coming out in early spring, largely because he's watched them grow and is now seeing it all come together quite nicely. Semya will release a full length called Georythyms, and Do While will have a self titled release, both of which are available in March via Wigflip.

Free Download: Run DMT + Happy Family - AMANDA HUGGANKISS

You can download Run DMT and Happy Family's collaborative AMANDA HUGGANKISS above for free in all its faded spacey glory. This release takes guitar drones and varying samples and squeezes them all through one of those Play-Doh spaghetti things, only to mush it all back together at some sort of intergalactic laundromat.

Wigflip Records will also host the next two full lengths from both Happy Family and Run DMT. I know I've been jonesing for a Happy Family LP since the Sound Farm EP, and its good to hear this is in the works. We've still got the audio up from his stellar Soft Fest 2009 set too.

Be sure to stop by the label's site, as they've already got up some other classy free sounds. You can currently grab two EPs from The Treehouse, Bong Voyage by Run DMT, and a mix made for the bathroom at Soft Fest. Look for more info/thoughts on Wigflip's releases to come right here.


Jason Urick said...

I'm stoked on this and in general about the young electronic scene in baltimore. Lots of cool stuff seeping out of that there Copy Cat building.

Brett said...

certainly alot to be stoked for down there, pumped for your show tonight man!

Joseph said...

I'm listening to the 'bathroom mix' as I write this; it's soothingly-unassuming.