Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baltimore vs. Shea Stadium

Over the past several years some Orioles have been heading up north to play at Shea Stadium. And much to our excitement to find out, the venue has been documenting these along with many other outings that they've hosted. The space serves as both a recording studio and show venue, an ideal arrangement for this sort of thing. I recently stumbled upon live recordings from some Baltimore residents including sets from Double Dagger, Dustin Wong, Future Islands, Run DMT, Teeth Mountain, and Weekends.

I've posted a handful of live Dustin Wong recordings over the past year, but here's the first from out of town. Dustin hit this one straight up into the cosmos as usual.

A pretty full set from Double Dagger -- from last September so this one's a playoff game. Nolen, Bruce, and Denny were clearly all batting well over .400 for this one.

Future Islands were hosted after the All-Star break, and we certainly pushing their way to a pennant in 2010 when they played this one. Hear the full set for this right here.

Run DMT knocked three jams out of the park in a psychedelic whirlwind last October.

Weekends have stepped up to the plate a whole lot of times at Shea Stadium, but here's the venues favorite pitch of their hit "Raingirls", knocked home of course.

Check out Shea Stadium's entire archive right here.

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Indelible John said...

I recognize this photo as the stage on the 6th floor of the H&H building. I lived there and built that stage and the room to the right of it back when it was the Penthouse.
So we're like brothers/sisters now. As a dear close relation perhaps you can consider checking out my band Love you bro/sis!