Monday, May 24, 2010

Nuclear Power Pants - Uh Oh Maxi

Last year Nuclear Power Pants unleashed Wicked Eats The Warrior on Wham City Records, and have since been a stampede of impressive live shows throughout the country. Last month they toured with Height with Friends, a tour that was in support of a new cassette from the crew.

The Uh Oh Maxi tape is the latest release from Nuclear Power Pants, and just like their last LP, its one that you're going to need to go ahead and snag a copy of. The new tape comes at us via Really Coastal, and is limited to 125 copies.

The release features the album version of "Uh Oh", accompanied by several remixes and alternates that are more than worth your ears. For me, the highlight was the first track on the B side, the "Vibrating Strings" version of "Uh Oh. Peep it.

This extended version of the original is a bit of a throwback, with enough soul to make your mama's mac 'n cheese look like Easy Mac. The tape also features another killer remix from Jones, and also a remix from Drew Swinburne who mastered the whole release. Grab a copy from Really Coastal right here.

Uh Oh Maxi

Uh Oh
Screwdriver (Drew Swinburne Remix)
Destroy Destroi (More Light!)

Uh Oh (Vibrating Strings)
Teeth of a Lion (Jones Remix)

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