Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holy Ghost Party - "Tricky"

Holy Ghost Party open up the show at the Golden West tonight with Fergus and Geronimo, A Giant Dog, and Junkers. Show starts at 10 and will run ya five bucks.

I shared the new Holy Ghost Party track "Shit House Luck" a little while back, and now present ya'll with another gem off of their forthcoming EP. Take a gander at "Tricky".

The intro reminds you where these guys are from (both dudes also play in Dope Body), with some industrial beats that eventually break way to the catchy and elaborate pop song that's found not too far below the surface. This is one of the bigger sounds found within their upcoming release, using noises lesser known to somehow create things that are comfortable and familiar.

The new EP from the duo via WTR CLR couldn't come soon enough.

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