Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Live MP3s: Dustin Wong @ Metro Gallery

Dustin Wong plays this Friday night at the G Spot in Baltimore for our Hallowen show along with Celebration, Sri Aurobindo, and Microkingdom. Tickets can be found here.

With much thanks to David Carter, I'm pleased to offer a recording of Dustin Wong's performance this past Saturday at the Metro Gallery as part of the Iraqui Student Project's benefit show. This was the first of two shows Dustin played that night, and provides excellent documentation of just how magical his performances can be. Stream the set in full below (available to stream for a limited time).

While I can't say I witnessed this set, I saw him close out Soft Fest later that evening. More on that amazing event to come, as we'll be featuring some coverage in the near future. The recording of his Metro Gallery set earlier that night finds Dustin in top notch form, blasting through a jam rich in familiar sounds from Infinite Love. It's been amazing to watch his live show grow and transform over the past year, transcending the mind-melting melodies and aura of past projects like Ecstatic Sunshine and Ponytail. One can only expect more great things to come from this guitar mastermind.


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