Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bmore Music Blog, Now With Real Photos!

With much excitement, I would like to introduce Chrissy. For the past year readers of my blog have been subjected to shotty photo skills, compliments of myself. No longer shall you read Bmore Music concert reviews paired with sub par photography.

This blog now has its very own photographer. Chrissy is here to the rescue, and is bringing some serious photo credentials along with her. She will also attend more shows than you, and will share some pretty snazzy pictures on this site to prove it.

Bmore Musically Informed is also now complete with a Flickr page.

The flash gallery above is some of Chrissy's favorite prior work, which should help you get acquainted. Check in often for her current work, which will begin with tomorrow night's promising lineup at the Metro Gallery.

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