Monday, February 2, 2009

Ponytail Do Their Laundry

Ponytail were featured on P4k's A>D>D series today, rocking out in a laundromat. The set was recorded with a 4-track and an analog camera, and features confused patrons who just wanted to get out their ketchup stains. One can only hope Ponytail will be performing shriek-infused epic post rock jams next time they go do a load of whites.

Both pieces from today's posting were off Ice Cream Spiritual, "7 Souls" and "Late for School" which is rocked heartily above.  The only laundromats the band will be touring right now are over in Europe, until at least March.

*Edit (2/3): I replaced yesterday's "Late for School" video with the rendition of "Die Allman Bruder" posted today. They also posted "Beg Waves" a la NYC laundromat.

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