Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vetiver: Tight Knit

Since 2004, Vetiver have relinquished several quality folk albums ever so pleasing to ears abound. The latest of the bunch dropped today, and secured that the trend is continued.

Tight Knit, in my opinion, is Vetiver's pop album. And in accordance, is their first to be released via Sub Pop. The album floats along from start to finish with each track begging for you to go relax in a rocking chair on someone's front porch. These are songs that even your grandmother will crack a smile to. And man, do I mean that in a good way.

While 2008's Thing of the Past proved the group's natural ability to make a cover their own, Tight Knit solidifies Andy Cabic's song writing capabilities. This album is fulfilling in every facet, and deserves your spin when in need of some fine country rock.

Catch Vetiver March 11th at Sonar. Sharing the bill with local heroes Beach House, this show is a must see. Expect detailed coverage of the affair next month.

Stream "Everyday" off of Tight Knit below.

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