Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updated Playlists For Your Ears

New and improved playlist action, bmoremusic now complete with playlists that vow to be aurally superior than this "david after dentist" remix. While not as amusing as a 7 year old hopped up on dental meds, take a listen and you mightt feel a bit like David.

There are two colored coded options for now. Yellow one features freshly updated and naturally diverse regional picks. Artists on here either reside in Baltimore or DC, or have members that originated in these parts. Example: TV on the Radio's cover of Daniel Johnston's "walking the cow" makes the cut because David Sitek is from Columbia. Not to mention, it's a sweet cover of an excellent original.

The green one has tracks spanning space and time, paired with new stuff influenced by such. Right now it ranges from Nigerian funk from after the country's civil war, to warped and obscure French disco from the late 70's, to even a band from New Jersey!

If you have suggestions for either playlist, or life in general, email:


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