Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo Review: True Womanhood, Weekends, Bad Liquor Pond

Last night's show at the Metro Gallery sounded great, with all 3 bands contributing unique vibes to an aurally pleasurable evening. Bad Liquor Pond's psych-soaked jams really do themselves way more justice live, and last night was a classic example of such.

Weekends set up on the floor, and attracted the largest crowd for the Wednesday night show. Displaying why they are one of the most fun bands in Baltimore, the duo blasted through a stellar set that solidfied faith in rock and roll, and left ear drums feeling fuzzy.

True Womanhood were an intriguing surprise, having only heard a few tracks prior to last night. I am certainly looking forward to what twists and turns the future brings to their psychedelic pop sound, and recommend grabbing their demo at their next gig.

Special thanks to Chrissy for the wonderful photography, as this was her debut covering for Bmore Music. Check back here often for more of her excellent local show coverage.

3 comments: said...

nice pics!

Robbie said...

Brett, I stand corrected. Comparisons have been garnered. But I still disagree with the Ponytail/Weekends comparison. At face value, the only thing these two bands have in common is their city of origin and their instrumentation. There may be a similar sense of optimism or positivity, but I honestly just don't get it.

That said, thanks for taking the opp to comment on my site. I think it's important for people who write about music and and art and stuff to communicate with one another. And sorry if my crit of your review seemed like a cheap shot. I really didn't know anybody read my WT shit.


Brett said...

Its all good Robbie, and I respect your opinion and agree with some of your points. For me personally, I was highlighting the "feel good" aspect of the music for both bands. Not at all are they similar in a technical manner.

I respect your criticism, and agree that communication is sometimes lacking in this little blogosphere of ours. But at the same time, all you have to do is reach out.

Also, I found your site because you linked to here, first time I've glanced through it but I have read your published work before elsewhere.