Monday, February 22, 2010

Live MP3s: Sri Aurobindo @ the G Spot 1/29/10

This was Sri Aurobindo's first live show in awhile, as the band has spent the last several months focusing on putting together their next LP. It was apparent that these guys had an itching to play, blasting through a set heavy in new things.

The new tracks heard will be found on their next full length, which will be part of the inaugural round of new LPs on our soon-to-be-debuted Friends Records. The upcoming record was the result of a long amount of time spent in Chris Freeland's Beat Babies studio, and the final mastering touches were completed last week. The LP is to be dubbed Cave Paintings, and I can't tell you how excited I am to send it off to get pressed to vinyl in the coming week.

With much thanks to Charlie Hughes, their first live set of 2010 was captured in full. Stream one of my personal favorites, "Soul Vibrations of Man", above, and download the full set below.

Download MP3s: Sri Aurobindo Live @ the G Spot 1/29/10

They don't make music like this anymore folks, get details on the live recording below.

Sri Aurobindo
1/29/10 @ the G Spot
Recorded by Charlie Hughes
Sound by Adam Cooke

Cave Painting
My Luv is Stoned
Soul Vibrations of Man
Vertical Electric
Nobody's Child
Find The Door

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