Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Live MP3s: Weekends @ the G Spot 1/29/10

It's no secret that one of my favorite new bands in Baltimore over the past year has been Weekends. They played second at the G Spot show a few weeks ago, and fired through a seven song performance. The set was full of material to be found on their upcoming full length, the inaugural release on our new label Friends Records.

Rob Girardi recently finished the final mix of the new LP at Lord Baltimore and will be mastering it this weekend. Look for more info on the upcoming vinyl soonish, but for now get a live taste of what to expect.

Above is the evening's version of an oddly conventional song to come out of this duo, "Home Alone" - a scuzzy garage pop ballad that's got some of the most melodically incoherent vocal "woos" you'll hear. This was their last song, but here's the whole set.

Download MP3s: Weekends Live @ the G Spot 1/29/10

Read on for track list and details.

1/29/10 @ the G Spot

Recorded by Charlie Hughes
Sound by Adam Cooke


1. Peer History
2. Team Wolf
3. Burnt Lips
4. No More Bands
4. Raingirls
6. Psychedelic Mice
7. Home Alone


Anonymous said...

is there a wye oak one?

Brett said...

there is, but it looks like that one won't be posted :(

I'll have sri aurobindo and violet hour's up soon though!