Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Premiere: Future Islands - Live From Their Living Room

Podcasting with Future Islands
A couple months ago we had the privilege of putting together an intimate live session with Future Islands. They played a set in their Mt. Vernon living room, and it was captured by us with the help of some other local media outlets.

The session consisted of five songs, three of which were new, and all of which the trio performed in a whole different light. Sam sat down for these tracks, Gerrit played on an old organ that he had only used once before, and William chugged out bass lines that filled the room. While this wasn't an acoustic set, it had a similar feeling that allowed the songs to really stand out on their own.

The three new tracks played will be found on their second full length album, and their Thrill Jockey debut, In Evening Air. Today we're premiering those tracks. "Walking Through That Door" will be the first song on the upcoming album, but here's the living room rendition.

If you've seen them play over the past year or so, you've likely heard "Tin Man". Stream it below, but look for more news in the future about our own Friends Records seven inch release of a very special alternative version of this song. *The Future Islands 7 inch on Friends Records will now be a brand new song just recorded last week* Ed. 7/10/10

Check out another new track and peep photos from this session below.

Podcasting with Future Islands
Here's the first song they played for us that night, which didn't have a name when this was recorded. It's now dubbed "Swept Inside", and will jumpstart side B of In Evening Air.

As their lyrics have always been rather dark, this session really brought out the meaning behind tracks you'll find folks dancing to at their shows. The May 4th release date for In Evening Air couldn't come any sooner.

Podcasting with Future Islands

Podcasting with Future Islands

Podcasting with Future Islands

Podcasting with Future Islands

Podcasting with Future Islands


Unknown said...

I can't wait for this album to drop. I just picked up their first album on vinyl which is currently tiding me over quite well.

Chrissy Abbott said...

Between these photos and the videos Zach posted, I really miss Buttercup

Anonymous said...

just listened to the 3 tracks, utterly spellbinding. Cannot wait for the album on the Thrill Jockey label
Andy, England