Monday, February 15, 2010

Rapdragons - "She Got Me" (Moss of Aura Remix)

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Rapdragons dropped a single yesterday, a remix of a seasonally relevant cut off of their debut, Ten Stories High. "She Got Me" is re-worked by Moss of Aura, side project of Future Islands' Gerrit Welmers.

If there was a ballad on Ten Stories High, it's "She Got Me". Moss of Aura turned the laid back sing-a-along album version into a vibe more congruent with the epic synth soundscapes found on his Still Parade CDR.

Take a listen above, and get fresh details on new Rapdragons releases below.

"She Got Me" is the first single for Ten Stories Hijacked, a remix album that will be released digitally on April 20th. Ten Stories Hijacked will feature all of the original vocals from Ten Stories High, but set to new beats by "Baltimore's dopest laptoppers and beat-makers". This will be a free release on Ltd Comp.

More big news, the highly anticipated Featuring Baltimore album now has a release date set. It will drop on June 8th, and will also be a free digital release compliments of Ltd Comp. We offered a live couch session sampler of tracks from this release back in November, including the debut of the Ponytail-sampled "Early for Work".

Featuring Baltimore will sample only local bands, and will also feature other rappers and singers from the city that reads. Bands to be sampled include but are not at all limited to The Agrarians, Beach House, Dope Body, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain, and Weekends.

Rapdragons have some out of town shows with Dope Body and Eachothers this week, and are part of a great bill here in April that includes Moss of Aura, In Every Room, and True Womanhood at the Golden West.

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