Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barn Aid is now Monday @ Golden West (and is cheaper!)

Wye Oak
Major changes to Barn Aid were just announced, here are the new plans...

Springfield Farms is a lovely establishment up in Sparks, Maryland that supplies The Golden West and other Baltimore kitchens with local food. Unfortunately, the farm is currently undergoing a costly legal battle involving barn zoning.

Supporters of the culinary and musical variety have joined forced to put together Barn Aid, which will take place Monday, September 20th at The Golden West. Performing will be Wye Oak, Birdland (Sean and Katrina of Celebration), and DJ Jason Willett.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the farm, and tickets are on a sliding scale of 10-15 dollars. The event starts at 9 PM this Monday at the Golden West.


Anonymous said...

should have lowered the price
draw in more people and at least make as much money at the festival as they will with $30/60 tickets, plus a larger audience would attract future customers

Anonymous said...

I agree. If the price was a donation with a minimum entry fee of $10 It would draw more people. Once the people are there you have food for more money