Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photo Review: Baby Venom @ Hexagon

Photos by Chrissy

In a night of show hopping, we were able to make it for the front end of Hexagon's bill. I have been meaning to catch Baby Venom since hearing a couple tracks several months ago, and man am I glad I finally made it out to one of their gigs.

The musical chair loving trio consisting of Dave, Sarah, and Nathan, all proved their natural ability to craft and perform catchy lo-fi pop songs. Heavy synths rule this band, with the majority of its sound deriving from two sets of keys and drums. All members took turns on each instrument, and the song writing was on par with the rest.

In fact, the set showed a ton of build and the ability to transcend feels from beginning to end. The songs at the start of the set displayed their almost folkish synth pop tracks, that of which highlighted the band's quality knack for song writing. As the set wore on the songs were soaked with more of an Octopus Project meets Future Islands aesthetic, which showed to be a pretty much flawless combination. However, the band's own unique vibe shined through most heavily.

I spoke with Baby Venom recently, and they informed me they'd be opening for Deerhunter in Europe. Expect more deets on that soon, and hopefully some word on plans for a release. Here are some tunes to sample for now, "Frank" and "Take Out Breakfast".

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pasta said...

i've really been diggin this band lately. the photos look amazing and it's good to hear their live show is good. i'll try to catch em next time 'round