Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo Review: Extra Golden @ Floristree

Photos by Chrissy

DC/Kenyan hybrid Extra Golden lit up Floristree on Friday. In a night jam-packed with shows, I can't imagine there were too many better ways to cap off your evening.

I have not attended a show with this much dancing in a good while, and this was mostly not the obnoxious kind either. It was the feel good shake-your-body in any which way Otieno Jagwasi's vocals swayed or Onyango Wuod Omari's drums rocked you. Positive vibes all around, the D.C. contigent of Extra Golden also proved they were just as tight as ever.

Ian Eaglson's guitar wizardry flowed effortlessly with Alex Minoff'ss chops, who is also part of Ian Svenious's D.C. project Weird War. The Kenyan Benga tracks permeated with rock and roll that have often frequented my iPod, proved even more vibrant live. With jam after jam of tunes that were impossible to stand still to, each band member's ridiculous skills weaved together seemlessly to craft each and every song performed.

Highly enjoyable show all around and, I'd suggest picking up Thank You Very Quickly, Hera Ma Nono, or Ok-Oyot System immediately. Grabbing all three woudn't hurt either. 

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