Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pontiak: Maker

Deep in the forests of Virginia reside three brothers and a 12 by 12 recording studio. The combination of such has produced Maker, Pontiak's latest release via Thrill Jockey.

This is Pontiak's 3rd album in a year, including their fantastic 12" of mostly John Cale covers split with Arbouretum titled Kale. The new LP is drenched with sweat, blood, and sludge, as only the heaviest of rock and roll records are. Two amps were blown throughout the recording process, but little does this describe the magnitude of Maker.

By far their most cohesive LP to date, Maker drudges along with anthem after epic anthem that scream sweet nothings into your ear. The record's title track is a 13 minute voyage of grand proportions, with gloomy solos to serenade throughout. The album is heavy in all regards, and should only be attempted to lift with a spotter. But, lifting on your front porch with a glass of bourbon might prove more effective.

Pontiak will emerge from the woods to bless Sonar with their presence on April 24th. One of Baltimore's best new psychadelic outfits, Sri Aurobindo, will be opening. Headlining the affair will be Spectrum, who sport Sonic Boom of Spaceman 3. Don't miss this one.

Peep Pontiak's new video for "Layawayed" below.


Jesse M. said...

I'm loving that Pontiak track.

Brett said...

I wholeheartedly concur Jesse, you should definiltey go grab the record.

Limited to 1000 pressings on vinyl!