Friday, April 17, 2009

Vampire Hands: Me & You Cherry Red 2xEP

I recently caught Vampire Hands open up for Wavves at Zodiac, and was thoroughly intrigued. I claimed I’d get my non-vampire hands on their release ASAP, and I kept true to my word.

Modern Radio recently reissued the Twin City crew’s original sold out EP titled Me & You Cherry Red and coupled it up with another EP called Cuz It’s a Beach Funeral. The result is pretty much a full album of psych-infused post punkish rock and roll, with an obvious knack for the unique.

In a live setting they were loud, unapologetic, and displayed grooves of every variety. Some might think the LP is a little more toned down, which would be fair, but it runs a wide array of varying styles that keeps any listener's ears glued.

The vintage riffs and killer bass lines of “Safe Word” make it an instantly repeatable number. Stream it on my green playlist or download it for free right here:

MP3: Vampire Hands "Safe Word" [via Modern Radio]

Speaking of quality band's from Minneapolis, Daughter's of the Sun have a new LP due out April 25th. Kind of a neo-sludge rock band warped with some hints of psychedelia, these dudes are cohorts of Vampire Hands and deserve your ears as well. Peep a track off their upcoming LP, Sun, below:

MP3: Daughters of the Sun "Gong the Divider" [via Modern Radio]

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