Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Show Review: Torche / From Monument to Masses

Bmore Music is pleased to present special guest writer Jeff, of Lean Horse Marathon, for this review. I spent the weekend in the woods of Allegany County with bears, smores, and unruly forest rangers, so I had asked my contest winner if he'd like to share his thoughts. He passed along those duties to a friend and local artist that I've previously mentioned. Small world. Jeff had never heard either of these bands, enjoy:

From Monument to Masses opened up Saturday night's show at Sonar and I was impressed with their performance. A very cool instrumental group that had some complicated song structures to pull off live. Samples were used almost in every song and the samples worked well with their sound. They played a handful of songs that I enjoyed, ranging from shoe-gazey/experimental to electronic/indie.

Torche was bad ass and definitely my favorite band that night. There was moshing, headbanging, and screaming, all in typical metal fashion. The trio were banging, strumming, and beating on their instruments. I'll always remember this performance, for some random guy picked me up and before I knew it, I was crowd surfing.

The drummer passed out on his drumset at the end of the set, and the band put on a final wall of sound. Then out of no where, the drummer jumps up, kicks over his drum set, and jumps into the crowd. What a hardass.

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