Friday, June 26, 2009

Artscape: Exotic Hypnotic

One of the events coordinated for this year's Artscape is shaping up to be pretty great. Exotic Hypnotic is a three day mini festival within Artscape curated by the people that bring us the fantastically off-kilter High Zero festival every year.

It takes place July 17-19 at the University of Baltimore Performing Arts Theater. The event sports a truly eclectic and unique lineup. Avant garde might take the forefront, but the pop-minded individuals are not forgotten. Some of the highlights include Weekends, Lo Moda, Quartet Offensive, Cex, Childe Bride, Il Culo, and a ton more. The local jazz legend Lafayette Gilchrist will be playing solo piano on Sunday.

A few names I didn't recognize certainly caught my eye. The Multiphonic Choir will play on Friday and provide the sounds of a "5 saxaphone hybrid Fela Kuti with German electronic music". And the "Indian classical meets contemporary electronics" of Calusari will play Sunday afternoon. Count me in.

This is part of Artscape, so tickets are zero dollars.


Anonymous said...

Last year's lineup was really good. I'm hoping to make it out for a few sets this year as well. The Multiphonic Choir could be very interesting.

lizziedowning said...

Hey hypnotic lovers,
Lurch and Holler, a cooing and growling Hillbillie stomping duo will be sure to vibrate and cause the hypnotized to ponder.