Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Show Review:
TV on the Radio and The Dirty Projectors

Last night the force that is TV on the Radio began a 2 night sold out stint at the 930 Club. Always used to a warm reception in the area, Monday night wasn't any different.

Dave Longstreth's Dirty Projectors opened up the affair, a band I had caught a few days ago across from the Charles at Rufustival. Similar sets were played at both events, as their brand of infectious experimental pop proved worthy of recent attention. What I thought to be a handy editing job on the production of Bitte Orca, proved otherwise. The fast paced bursting vocal harmonies of Haley and Amber on several tracks reigned true live. Certainly a band worth checking out next go around.

TV on the Radio geared up last night for a big show this weekend, as they are slotted to play before David Byrne at Bonnaroo. A band that is able to acclimate to any type of venue, the big yet almost intimate feel of the 930 Club was yet another perfect compliment to their sound.

Tunde bounced around with great enthusiasm, while the rest of the crew hit every note with emphasis as each song boomed in grand fashion. The highlight had to be Celebration's Katrina Ford joining the band for an amped up version of "Staring at the Sun". I couldn't help hoping that they'd help her out with one of Celebration's fantastic new tracks. Maybe next time.

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