Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celebration: "Open Your Heart"

A new card has been dealt by Celebration, as their Electric Tarot project keeps on rolling. This is the third installment in their effort to release free MP3s of songs as they write and record them via their own website.

"Open Your Heart" shows off the more subtle side of Katrina's voice, and her ability to flex her pipes even when the song is more relaxed. Paired with ghostly harmonies and some organ action, the track's infectious melody grows upon each listen. "Open Your Heart" is just another beautifully atmospheric track under the band's belt.

Looks like Celebration have some more tunes ready to share, but have been limited by technology. Katrina Ford also stated she would be happy to make fans a CD if they sent her a CDR, and would even provide some "purty" art.

The psychedelic video for the track can be viewed above, and and be sure to hit up their site for the free download of all three tracks so far. The songs are also now available as FLAC files as well. Stay tuned for some upcoming East Coast shows from the band.


Anonymous said...

July 31 at the Talking Head...bet it sells out.

Jesse M. said...

nice track