Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Review: Spank Rock and the Black Lips at Sonar

Photos by Chrissy

Friday's show at Sonar had all the ingredients for a beautiful disaster. My after work happy hour may limit the details of the night, but fun was had and music was played.

The best recalled news of the evening had to be the fact that Spank Rock mentioned he was working on a new album. It's been since 2006 since we've seen a full length from him. He put on a fun show, and the crowd seemed way more into him and Ninjasonik than the headliners.

The highlight of the night had to be Johnny Siera of the Deathset showing face. They all rocked "Negative Thinking" together, a song that only people without a soul don't get amped for. I also recall a Matt & Kim jam being played, pretty sure it was "Daylight". Spank Rock and Ninjasonik seemed to dig poppy east coast electro punk, but still repped their own brand of hip hop pretty solid.

The Black Lips were alright. They played what most would want to hear, including personal favorite "O Katrina!". But, the band just didn't seem that into it. There also appeared to be some tension on stage, as someone I was with noticed a couple of the members fighting with each other in between songs. Either way, the performance was a bit forgettable and was certainly without any of the antics that used to be a part of their shtick. Perhaps this is why the band seemed so bored.


Terry H said...

I was kinda disappointed by the lack of Spank Rock originals...though maybe it was because of his songs not being played at the right tempo...though it's starting to seem like everytime I see Spank, others are performing more than him, whether it's Amanda Blank or Plastic Little.

Ohh, and you can hear the Daylight remix by Ninjasonik on their myspace page.

Brett said...

There was certainly a lot of Ninjasonik going on, and yeah I could have gone for a lot more tunes from his own catalog too.

But still it was a pretty fun set, and I'm assuming/hoping we'll see more from him once he gets the new record rolling...