Monday, June 8, 2009

Audio To Go: Jana Hunter 6/2/09

Last Tuesday's Cass McCombs and Jana Hunter bill at the Metro Gallery proved to be a pleasant way to spend your week night. Both artists put on stellar sets, jam packed with new tunes. Not sure if the comedian lodged in between performances was repping new jokes as well, but he sure did a fine job of sending out the awkward vibes.

Jana Hunter's new tunes have shown much promise for any future effort in the works, and her band seemed as tight as ever last week. While most of the new tracks don't stray too far away from her prior work, Jana's infused a bit more pop in her sound. You can hear for yourself, as Jeff was there to record the action. Download the MP3s or FLAC files from Jeff right here, and note his prediction for favorite set of the year.

Bonus: Jeff also has the Arbouretum set from the Creative Alliance last week available.


Anonymous said...

i was actually pretty bored by Casss's set. it seems like every time i see him, he's less and less into pleasing the crowd and giving a good show, i.e. things like encores, rocking out, actually talking to the audience. i mean some of the stuff was upbeat but he could have thrown in way more rockin shit. also he played nothing from A (obviously his best record)! this is coming from a huge Cass fan who's been listening for years and has mad respect. curious to hear his new album though, seems like it'll be a make-or-break kinda deal for me with regards to actually giving a shit about him in the future.

Brett said...

Interesting. But is Cass someone you go see to rock out? I mean, PREfection had some nice riffs. But if you loved A (my favorite of his as well) I feel like you'd be partial to the mellower side of Cass McCombs.