Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tonight: Celebration at Load of Fun

In a week packed with not-miss shows, this one stands above the rest. If you've caught any of Celebration's amazing local performances this year, you'd understand.

Celebration have been churning out their Baltimore Elemental Series all year long, with each show being pretty special in its own right. The series started with Fire at the Windup Space, then Whartscape was the Water installment, their outdoor show with Beach House was Wind, and tonight at Load of Fun is Earth.

This isn't just a big show for Celebration, as Videohippos have something new in store. Premiering tonight with two new members, the band is working to become more live with no prerecorded beat or melodies. Videohippos now also feature Jared Paolini, and Benny Boeldt AKA Adventure. Both new members rock pretty fantastic solo efforts, and should certainly aid in Videohippos becoming even more of a force.

The show tonight also features the psych drones of Indian Jewelery, rounding out a pretty stacked bill all around. This one will run you just $10, and doors are at 8:30.


The Howland Underground said...

" the band is working to become more live with no prerecorded beat or melodies."
The band has NEVER used any prerecorded beat or melodies. . Although Sean has made a loop or two that he plays between songs sometimes and Katrina did the same using a Suzuki Omnichord at the last show outside of the Metro Gallery. And the 3 (not 2) "new members", Walker, Tony, and Tommy have been playing with the band for at least a year.


Brett said...

Hey Rob/Christina,

Are you referring to Celebration?

That paragraph in this post is all about Videohippos, so I think you got confused. I'm well aware that Celebration does not use any pre-recorded beats, as their music is quite the opposite of anything synthetic.

Hope I cleared this up for ya.

Brett said...

Holy shit was this show amazing. Look for photos and words up here in a few days.

Anonymous said...

I am going to post audio pretty soon, somewhere. Was indeed cool.