Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bethany Dinsick Promises Spring

Folks often let me know of upcoming shows, but few promise they'll turn winter into spring. Bethany Dinsick did just that the other night, with a show set for tomorrow at the Zodiac. In addition to astral endoresements, I was passed along this track.

Bethany recorded and emailed me this song from a bar in Wilmington, North Carolina on Tuesday. Recorded on Garage Band, let's accept this is as a vocal blessing from the road.

Bethany has recently made a habit of producing such aural blessings, in particular with her debut under her own moniker. This was one of my favorite pieces of last year, and here's the title track from her debut, Bottle Tree.

The homecoming show tomorrow night is with her recent tour mate Teaadora, along with Secrets Secrets. Bethany promises, "there will be astral communication and connections, seances, celestial pop, meditational r&b, and the winter will be shed due to the fact that the show is the day before the spring Equinox." I'm pretty sure we're all down for the shedding of winter. The show Friday night starts at 10 PM.

Bethany Dinsick

Bethany Dinsick

Bethany Dinsick

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