Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview: Sick Weapons with Ellie Beziat
plus new track premiere!

Sick Weapons
Tomorrow Sick Weapons head out on a tour with Hollywood. When they get back, they play a show with Double Dagger, Dope Body, and Hollywood at the Hexagon where they'll release their debut LP. Below is a brand new track, an unmastered version of "Anthony Bourdain's Earring", which will appear on Birthday Gift:

This week I had the privelage of interviewing singer Ellie Beziat. Ellie was kind enough to provide her thoughts on the their upcoming tour, the new LP, Fugazi, "wet-humping", and much more. Here's a taste and get the rest after the jump:

You guys exploded in Baltimore last year, favorite moments of 2009?

Exploded? Are you talking about the time we all cried? Because that never happened. I can only speak for myself. My favorite shows were Whartscape, The Reptilian Records Closing Party, and the recent show with Dan Deacon. But our crowning moment might have occurred outside of the Ottobar's front door, as a drunky-crow Dan Evans poked his head out and vomited on the sidewalk just as Peter rounded the corner, belly-flopped into it and then dry-humped it...or wet- humped it, to save face. Is there 'wet-humping'?

Jason Dove filmed a short feature on you guys when you played at the Copycat recently, why is there no wet-humping?

The Ravens had just lost to the Colts in the play-offs and I think we were all felling the blues a little. Its hard to wet-hump things when your team just lost to those Colts. Plus it was an all ages show. We held it together.

How do you think his short portrays Sick Weapons?

I think the film proves that we are just as worshipable as Fugazi. Let's see Ian McKaye make up a word like 'worshipable'. He's probably not stoned right now and slowly realizing that if you just pull 'worshipable' apart then you have something that makes sense. None of this is true.

What other bands have you all been involved in?

Peter is in Blood Baby and Hollywood and was once a member of The Death Set. Sean played Drums in Warpriest. Dan Evans and Jesse were both members of The Exploder and lots of other bands worthy of tattooing on your body. And I was in Dracula Mountain and Fascist Fascist until they kicked me out.

You guys are on your way to SXSW this week, who are you playing with down there?

I don't know who with, but I do know that we are playing a pizza parlor. That should be amazing. We like pizza.

Along with Texas, you're touring a few other states with Hollywood, what type of adventures do you expect to encounter together?

8 of us in a van.
I'm scared.
Hollywood is crazy.

Is Texas ready for Sick Weapons?

Texas who?

Birthday Gift gets released at the end of the month on Reptilian, what can we expect from you first recorded output?

We tried and we love you.

Who helped out with this record?

Recorded by Adam Cooke at Lord Baltimore and J Robbins at Magpie Cage. Mixed by Chris Freeland at Beat Babies. Drums by Evan Tanner, Trombone by Timothy Doscher, and additional vocals by Tina Kalakay. Chris X (Reptilian) is responsible for putting out this record and has been amazingly patient with us.

You used to teach children, did you ever play them your music? Do you think Sick Weapons caters to the youth of Baltimore?

Fuck no and fuck no.

What else you all have in store for 2010?

A few birthdays and a lot of masturbation.

Favorite Baltimore bands?

Hollywood, Double Dagger, Future Islands, Blood Baby, Beard, Vincent Black Shadow, Arboretum, Dope Body.

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