Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tonight: Bachelorette at the Metro Gallery

Tonight the Metro Gallery's got a charmer with Bachelorette, Lands and Peoples, and Surf City on the bill. Unfortunately The Art Department are no longer part of this, which is politely illustrated above. But need not worry, this one will still treat you well.

Bachelorette is from New Zealand, and released My Electric Family via Drag City last year. Last year's release was Annabel Alpers' first record with added musicians. The familiar looping melodies are still intact, but expanded to a sound that turns bedroom pop into grand ballroom pop.

Lands and Peoples displayed some incredibly promising new tunes at their last show opening up for Warpaint, and tonight should be no different. L&P's Caleb Moore just released his new solo album yesterday, under the moniker Dead Drums. The album is called Fashion Defense, and is up for free download right here. Look for more words on this release in the coming weeks.

Peep some videos fro New Zealand's Surf City and Bachelorette after the click.

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Anonymous said...

Love that L&P track. Sounds like Celebration, but they're easier to see live!