Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrill Jockey 12 Inch Subscription Series:
Future Islands, Double Dagger, and Jason Urick

Thrill Jockey, extreme supporter of many fine Baltimore musical outlets, just announced they are taking orders for their new 12 inch series. This series will feature seven brand new 12 inch EPs, three of which are of Baltimore origin.

Double Dagger recently announced their new EP dubbed Masks, a release with five brand new tracks. Some of these songs were previewed in their last batch of shows last year, and all promise to be just as good as my favorite record of 2009, More. The release will feature a variety of different cover art - all of which can be seen above. The masks all have eyes that change colors depending on light, and each will be limited to 500.

Future Islands will contribute their new In the Fall EP, their debut release with Thrill Jockey. This will feature four exclusive new tracks from the post wave trio. The title track, "In the Fall", will sport vocal help from Celebration's Katrina Ford. This will be pressed to translucent blue vinyl, and limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Last but not least, Jason Urick's new EP dubbed Fussing & Fighting will be part of this series. The new tracks are said to hold more rhythmic elements than Husbands, but like his debut full length they were all recorded by Jason at Floristree. The last track on the album is by Matthew Papich of Ecstatic Sunshine, and is his take on the title track. This one is limited to 500 copies.

These won't last long, so head over to Thrill Jockey's site and order your subscription right now. Get the track listings for all the Baltimore releases after the jump.

In the Fall by Future Islands
1. Tin Man (Extended Version)
2. Virgo Distracts
3. In the Fall (Featuring Katrina Ford)
4. Awake & Dreaming

Masks by Double Dagger
1. Imitation Is The Most Boring Form Of Flattery
2. Pillow Talk
3. Sheep In Wolf's Clothing
4. Sleeping With The TV On
5. Song For S

Fussing & Fighting by Jason Urick
1. This: Fussing & Fighting
2. The Chase
3. That: Make This Critical/Sleeping Bag
4. Fussing & Fighting (Estatic Sunshine)

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