Monday, March 29, 2010

Infinite Body - Carve Out The Face Of My God

Infinite Body will be at the Pet Cemetery tomorrow night along with Hemlock Ernst, Sunglasses, Earn, and Coma Cinema. Hemlock Earnest is Sam Herring's (Future Islands) solo moniker, and this will be his debut performance. I first learned about Sam's freestyle capabilities when we got to record a taste last year.

This was recorded outside by Katherine Gorman on a back porch in Mt. Vernon last Fall. Sam will be opening tomorrow night's show, but LA's Infinite Body coming to town is another fine reason to head out on a Tuesday night. I've recently been spending some time with his latest release, Carve Out The Face Of My God.

Infinite Body - "A Fool Persists" [via]

This LP was recently released by Post Present Medium, a label run by half of No Age, Dean Spunt. Infinite Body is solely the works of Kyle Parker, an avid participator in LA's noise scene. While he once produced noise of the harsh and damaged variety, Infinite Body finds Kyle in a new light.

An even stronger progression from his debut LP White Hymn, Carve Out The Face Of My God uses elements of noise in ways that allure and fascinate your ears. The new record paints feelings of beauty and tranquility, while emotion is deeply transparent. The ability to see through and within is surely a theme throughout this record's journey. There are ups and downs and highs and lows, yet the album manages to make you feel at ease in a world of instability.

I've seen elements of drone used in a lot of different ways, but none have resonated with me the same way as the the continual hums that are found throughout this record. Drone is used to portray a sound that illustriously endless, as the songs feel to have limitless depth. While this idea is felt throughout, it's the quieter moments that really bring out the vast space and massive nature. Parker's ability to seamlessly bring all of these factors together are what's solidified this as being one of my favorites so far this year.

You can order the record here, and don't miss out on this fantastic bill tomorrow night.

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